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Agency Cleaners, Landlords And The End Of Lease
10 September 2014
Agency Cleaners, Landlords And The End Of LeaseLandlords usually tell tenants that it is their obligation to make sure that a property is left in a clean and liveable condition at the end of a lease. More often than not it is part of the tenancy agreement (which tenants will sign at the start of the tenancy) which binds the agreement between both landlord and tenant to ensure that if a property is not left in a reasonable condition it could mean that the deposit (paid by the tenant) is forfeited.Sometime this doesn’t always go to plan and oftentimes landlords are faced with all sorts of stressful situations at the end of a lease. One of the more common situations which landlords often face is the cleanliness of a property and not knowing what to do about it.What to do if you are a landlord and the property has been left a mess by the former tenant.First of all, try not to stress about the situation because sometimes it may look far worse than it actually is.Clear the property of any junk and debris left behind by the former tenant, it may look a lot better once you can actually see beyond the mess.Have a look at the condition if the walls, flooring, skirting boards, doors and furnishings (if included) and try to look beyond any dirt and grime and focus more on the condition. Right now you may be thinking that the whole house needs redecorating however it could just be in need of a good clean.If the job seems like too much of a task to take on alone, think about hiring professional agency cleaners to help clean up the place. Agency cleaners can do a remarkable job of revamping a property, even those that are in the poorest condition. They can clean carpets, upholstery, windows, walls, flooring, doors etc and make a massive difference to the appearance of it with the use of their equipment and special detergents. This could be a huge money saving option for a landlord, especially for landlords who need a quick fix in order to let the property back out as soon as possible.If decoration is required you will notice what is more urgently in need once a professional clean has taken place and therefore you will only need to address what is necessary.If you feel that the tenant has left you property in poor condition and that it will cost you money to put right, do not be afraid to withhold paying back the deposit to the tenant, if it’s in the contract it is your legal right to do so.If a tenant has informed you many times about a certain problem that needed to be addressed such as worn out furnishings, carpets or wear and tear and repairs and you have failed to recognise or assist with those repairs, then you may not be able to withhold a deposit as the tenant may think that this is a landlords responsibility. Even if the home is left in a poor state of cleanliness the tenant may argue a case against you so always be on your guard as a landlord so that you do not fall short at the end.Try to maintain a good relationships with tenants as this will cause less problems later on, if a tenant always pays rent on time and has never missed a payment, it’s not fair to be too harsh on them at the end of a lease.Try to be reasonable within your expectations and make tenants aware in advance of leaving the property that you wish for it to be left clean and tidy.

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