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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Professional Cleaning Service
04 November 2014
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Professional Cleaning ServiceWhen hiring a cleaning service from a professional cleaning agency, you want to make sure that you get the most out of the service that you are paying for. This keeps your satisfaction levels high and it is also good for the company so they know the best way to do the job properly. Make sure your home is properly cleaned with these tips on how to best approach your newly hired cleaning service agency.Firstly, be very specific about exactly what you want from this firm in terms of your house cleaning. For example, there may be some rooms that you want cleaned and some that you do not, or some items that need extra attention whereas some you feel are not necessary to clean or you prefer to do yourself for whatever reason. Make a list of requirements and be clear to express these from the very start. If you want the windows cleaned or the oven and fridge cleaned inside outside, say so. The cleaner will be happy to know that they are doing the job right and meeting your expectations. This also saves you disappointment if a particular job that you wanted doing has not been done. If you do not say anything, the cleaner will not know. This comes down to you expressing what you want.Next, remember that cleaners need to be treated the same way as anyone else. Always remain respectful and treat them politely and with kindness. If there is something you do not like or want changing, tell the cleaner in a gentle and kind way. If you feel the job is not being done to the way you wanted despite speaking with professional cleaner, go back and speak with the company and ask for a different cleaner. Sometimes this happens and it is necessary to get the cleaner that is used to doing the tasks that you want. Never ask the cleaner to do additional tasks outside of their job role such as walking pets or taking children to school. This will not be covered under the insurance and is not fair to ask for. There are other services that cater for this.If you treat the cleaner well then you can build a good relationship with them. This is essential as trust is an important and critical element when letting someone work in your home, especially if you are not there during the time the cleaner is working. Make sure you cut a key that cannot be copied or give the cleaner a unique security code that can be traced back to them should anything go wrong. Also remember documents that are confidential or sensitive are best to lock up or keep in a drawer out of sight. Curiosity can get to even the most professional people and it is better to avoid situations where documents that you do not want to be seen could be read. These are only safety precautions though. It is more than likely you will have a wonderful cleaner that respects your property and you will not face any problems.Always check at the very start if your list of requirements matches the cleaner capabilities and limits. For example, you may want the gutter cleaned or expect window cleaning to be done, yet some cleaners will not do those task due to lack of experience of safety reasons. By speaking with the company at the beginning, they can send you a person that will do the jobs that you want and need.

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