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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
The cleaner did a wonderful job. Every part of the place was spotless and extensively cleaned. Highly recommend!
Anne Redd18/07/2024
Cheerful and positive service, really conscientious and thorough. They did an excellent job even on a tough clean.
Ali Price08/07/2024
Our cleaner continually offers excellent service.
Craig B.20/06/2024
These cleaners are wonderful. Very detailed and completely professional.
Alex F.10/06/2024
Reliable and clear communication while solving problems. Always polite and helpful. True to their word and provides skilled cleaners.
Tyra R.31/05/2024
The perfect cleaner is handpicked for each client's unique requirements, making a noticeable difference in every project.
Claudia Conner17/05/2024
The level of professionalism shown by my cleaner was exceptional and she did a fantastic job. Thank you for your dedication and excellent service.
Gemma N.16/04/2024
From her brilliant suggestions on managing household chores to her exceptional problem-solving skills, she is truly a standout professional.
Martin S.21/03/2024
Superb customer service and incredibly skilled team members at Colliers Wood Cleaning Services. Our two experiences with them have been met with great success.
Marilyn Simmons11/03/2024
Highly recommend this service for anyone in need of exceptional carpet cleaning - the cleaner worked wonders on my floors!
Harold S.01/03/2024
We couldn't have been more pleased with the reliability, positivity, and efficiency of Cleaning Company Colliers Wood 's crew as they successfully cleaned a grimy house with great success. Despite encountering obstacles such as a rail strike causing delays, they persevered and put in extra effort to ensure everything was spotless. A sincere thank you to the entire team!
Neil M.14/02/2024
This cleaning company's dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, reflected in the excellent service and respectful treatment I have received as a client.
R. Linstrom04/02/2024
We highly recommend Colliers Wood Cleaning for their hassle-free and reliable end-of-tenancy cleaning services, which helped us get our deposit back in full for the second time.
Lori St. James25/01/2024
Colliers Wood Cleaning Services's timely response and exceptional follow-up truly set them apart from other companies in the industry when it comes to cleaning services.
Morgan Barker15/01/2024
The cleaner's timely arrival with a courtesy call beforehand was greatly appreciated.
Catherine J.18/12/2023
Exceptionally effortless to use and hired a superb professional to perform my cleaning service.
Joel R.13/11/2023
A superior business that surpasses all levels of quality and service!
David L.19/07/2023
Quite a delightful experience it was engaging ColliersWoodCleaners as part of my families' spring cleaning ritual. A neat and merry home attained in result left us quite pleased!
Adam Trenton06/04/2023
Colliers Wood Cleaning offers the best cleaning services in the area so if you need help with cleaning your home or your office, I recommend this company. I've hired them repeatedly and they never let me down.
I had bought several new rugs a few months ago and was happy with them until they became dirty. I wanted them as clean as they were when I got them and I didn't want to risk damaging them, so Colliers Wood Cleaners had to be called. I knew they could make my rugs clean again and their cleaners did just that. They washed and wiped, until my rugs looked as good as new.
Patrick Johnson27/05/2015
I worked overseas and left my home shut up. But every time I returned home I dreaded the big clean up job. I chose to hire cleaning company to do the big deep clean when I got home. My colleague suggested ColliersWoodCleaners as they often did his housework. I knew he was pleased with the cleaners and frequently ranted about the service and reasonable prices. I have to say I also was very happy with the cleaning service I received. The cleaners did a terrific job and made the place spotless. I now never dread retuning home as I have a reliable firm I can call upon.
Bill Walsh27/02/2015
I don't know where I'd be without ColliersWoodCleaners! My mother isn't able to clean her own home anymore, and though I used to do it for her, it's become a struggle with my work schedule. I found the ideal solution with this company, and now my mum gets her home cleaned regularly by these professional and friendly cleaners. The service is cheap and I've never seen the house looking anything less than perfect. Both my mum and I are very impressed - thank you so much!
Rebecca Lawrence29/01/2015
ColliersWoodCleaners made my life better. I have man rugs in my home and I struggled keeping them free of dirt and stains. Wanting to get them looking as they did when I bought them, hired ColliersWoodCleaners to assist me. They did all I could ever need, providing a flexible rug cleanings service at a great price. Their staff got every speck of mud, every stain and more. My rugs look great and will be calling for their help regularly.
Melissa Davies18/12/2014
I worked as a long distance lorry driver and wasn't home much. I was getting fed up with the state of my flat so decided to hire a professional cleaning company to handle the house work. ColliersWoodCleaners have been doing a fabulous cleaning job every week now. I trust them to call every Thursday and completely clean the entire place. The work is done competently at a fair cost. It is lovely to turn to a spotless and nice smelling home.
Adam Fields24/11/2014
Last week while taking a look around the yard I saw a number of stains on the patio. Now, I know that there are a lot of homemade cleaning agents or even store-bought chemicals that I could have used but it's been a long time since the patio was properly cleaned. So I fixed an appointment with ColliersWoodCleaners and explained to them how I needed all the different kinds of stains to be removed. The cleaning contractors were really patient and noted my inputs. The patio looks marvellous and there isn't a single stain or mark to be seen. Kudos to the team for a job well done!
V. Fallon19/09/2014
I'm getting on a wee bit, so my back's seen far better days. It makes cleaning a real chore to me. Getting to the highest and lowest corners is really hard now, so a professional cleaning service was my only option. I was put off in the past because I thought it would cost too much money, but fortunately, ColliersWoodCleaners was anything but. Their service was really affordable, and well worth looking into! Just a days worth of cleaning later, and my home is looking superb from top to bottom. I was so impressed, I've already scheduled another clean-up for next week!
Edgar Y.21/08/2014
I have been delighted in all by the incredible service that I have been getting from ColliersWoodCleaners for my carpet cleaning. They have been steam cleaning the place for a while now, and I know that once they are done, the carpet will look brand new! You would not believe the prices that they charge as well, it is all just so cheap! I have to say that it if were much more expensive then I would probably try cleaning them myself, but because it is so affordable, I don't have to mess about with scrubbing anything!
Karen Wood31/07/2014
I love playing rugby and after work I always go to training or at least have a good throw about with the boys. Unfortunately I also always come home very muddy and never think about the mess I leave everywhere when I come home. I looked into hiring a cleaner for a while before I came across ColliersWoodCleaners. Their services were perfect for me and it was all at such an affordable price! I called them straight away to arrange for someone to come over and it was remarkable what the cleaner did. So impressed.
I must say that the cleaning services that our home has been so glad to receive from ColliersWoodCleaners has been absolutely second to none. They leave no stone unturned in their work and are always here on time, ready for work with a positive attitude and a great outlook on the job ahead. Completely dependable and professional arriving in a pleasant company uniform and leaving immaculate rooms in their wake. A very reasonable price for an exceptional service delivered by likeable, hard working individuals who took real pride in their work and real care in their cleaning. Perfect thank you!
Monica Wentworth-Barrington30/06/2014
I have to say a big thank you for the help ColliersWoodCleaners have given me. I had struggled with my cleaning for quite some time, so the help they sent was a blessing. I called them up and I was happy to hire them within half an hour. Their team came to my address and saw to all the dusting and polishing that needed to be done. They vacuumed and sorted my things and more, so I couldn't be bagpiper with their work. I don't write reviews often, but I can't let them know how impressed I was with their service.
Ben W.20/06/2014
I was a single guy and desperately needed some domestic help in my flat. I had heard rave reviews about a local cleaning company from others I worked with. So I got the details and made the all with ColliersWoodCleaners. We sorted a cleaning service that was affordable and set a time and date. The workers came on time and had plenty of equipment and cleaning materials to tackle the dirt and grime that was building up in my home. I actually felt sorry for the cleaners because the place was in a state. But, all I can say is that the end result was magnificent, my place looks great now.
Nigel Newton26/05/2014
I'm very happy with my decision to hire ColliersWoodCleaners. I needed a carpet cleaner who could get out some pretty nasty stains. I'd done my best with them, but they just weren't budging, and I thought I'd try a professional cleaner before I gave up entirely. I called the company and they were very polite and lovely to talk to. I ended up hiring a very experienced carpet cleaner who used some really interesting cleaning techniques. Even the worst of the stains was soon gone, and I was absolutely gobsmacked! This is a brilliant service, and should I ever need their help again I won't hesitate to call!
I know that my son is not much of a cleaner, so I was a little worried when he said he was moving out of the family home into his own place. I told him about ColliersWoodCleaners and he decided to hire them to come and clean the place on a weekly basis. Not only do they do a fantastic job, but they are also very affordable. My son never has to lift a finger and I also enjoy visiting him from time to time, since I know I will not be greeted by unwashed laundry and dirty dishes!
Wendy T.27/03/2014
I first hired ColliersWoodCleaners for a one-off spring clean in my house. I'd been led to believe that they're the best company in the area for house cleaning, and was eager to give them a test-drive. Turns out that the rumours are true! Within just a few hours my home had been transformed into the clean and sanitary environment that I was hoping for, and the service was pretty cheap, too! I'm considering hiring a cleaner from this company on a regular basis, because why should I waste my time doing a pretty bad job when I can hire experienced cleaners who can make my house look that good?! Everyone needs to try this company!
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